viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Received from Carrigaline Co. Cork - IRLANDA on 04.05.2012

Thank you PATRICIA!!
 Small roads commonly known as boreens, are longabandoned
coach roads and mass paths that are now overgrown with grass
but nonetheless quite firm underfoot. Dry stone walls are
not merely piles of rocks. They live and change with the season.
In the winter they glow with lichens and mosses and in the
summer they come alive with fuchsia and many other wild flowers.
The picturesque village of Blarney, County Cork. 
Home to Blarney Castle which in turn is home to the Blarney Stone.
Prople who kiss the stone are said to receive the gift of eloquense.
 Traditional Irish music is both played and heard with great
passion in the whole country of Ireland and has flourished amazingly 
during the recent years. Most common instruments for Irish music
include a fiddle a bodhran, an accordian and often spoons.
Mostly dance and music sessions are impromptu in pubs but
some have regulars who add zeal and fervor to the scene.

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  1. Love the beautiful stamps from Ireland, especially the one with the horse!
    Jane @ Pedicures and manicure Dublin